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Sustainability Resource Center

Welcome to ATTA’s Sustainability Resource Center! This platform is designed for our community to embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and knowledge in the field of sustainability. Discover our selection of resources!

As we tread a path toward a more sustainable future, we understand that knowledge is the guiding light, and this Center will serve as the gateway to a world of insights and innovations.

Below, you'll discover the most recent sustainability resources from various ATTA channels, chosen to follow three guiding principles:


Educating the adventure travel community on urgent sustainability matters


Equipping individuals and organizations to take action 


Empowering travelers to contribute to take meaningful sustainable practices


In order to fulfill our mission to educate and professionalize the adventure travel industry, the ATTA actively engages in original research and collaborative research projects with partners. In this section you will find all the resources ATTA has produced around sustainability, all in one place.


ATTA's On-Demand Library presents a compilation of video content focused on sustainability, offering you the flexibility to access it according to your schedule. This library gathers selected recordings from ATTA event speakers, live sessions, webinars, and destination showcases that encompass the latest issues around sustainability.

Toolkits & Guidelines

Here is where our pragmatic approach comes to life: Through a set of tools, guidelines, and procedures, the ATTA and our Partners in Sustainability endeavor to ease the walk toward more sustainable practices.

International Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standard
Designing and Marketing Low Season Tourism Experiences
European Regional Development Fund
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Sustainability Codes of Best Practice
Travelife & ATTA
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Nature Positive Travel & Tourism - Toolkit
Animondial & WTTC
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Sustainable Event Checklist
Sustainable Experiences Guidelines
Nature Positive Travel & Tourism in Action
Animondial & WTTC
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The Adventure Travel Trade Association helps adventure travel businesses access business sustainability training resources on online courses led by subject matter experts. With training experience in dozens of countries through our Adventure Pro and AdventureEDU formats, we thrive when businesses in our community of travel companies thrive.

Protecting Animals & Nature in Adventure Travel
Developing Self-Guided Tours

This course features three different paths dedicated to sustainability matters, specifically:

Adventure Travel Guide Training

This course features a path dedicated to sustainability matters, specifically:


Since 1990, the ATTA has been deeply committed to advancing sustainability within the realm of adventure travel. We strongly believe that responsible and sustainable tourism can create a positive change in communities and economies. We know that sustainability is not an option, it's a requirement, and that’s why we have made its principles our key pillars. We are conscious that striving toward sustainability can be complex and overwhelming at times, but we are here to join forces and enable our community to adopt the pragmatic approach the ATTA believes to be most effective.  

Guided by the principle of “Walk the Talk,” ATTA has pledged to be a torchbearer for the community. Through leading by example, we aim to inspire and encourage others to follow suit.

Tomorrow’s Air

Scientists agree that we need emissions reductions of 30 gigatons a year and carbon dioxide removal in the range of 5 - 30 gigatons per year by 2050. Tomorrow’s Air, the flagship climate initiative of the ATTA, is an industry-first collective dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing people to travel climate conscious, reduce travel’s carbon dioxide emissions and clean up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every payment received supports climate focused travel education and funds the scale up of cutting-edge technologies that help reduce carbon dioxide emissions through sustainable aviation fuel and carbon dioxide removal with permanent storageThere were 900 million travelers in 2022; with millions more on the horizon, there’s no doubt that travel represents a potentially massive force for climate. Imagine the impact we could have if we all came together to help ramp up these necessary innovations alongside nature conservation and emissions reductions. 

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association and the Tomorrow’s Air brand are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet.

As the flagship climate initiative of the ATTA Tomorrow’s Air is dedicated to climate-conscious travel education and supporting necessary climate solutions such as carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel. Our resources can help your business and your guests understand how to move forward, and how to be a model for peer organizations.

Christina Beckmann

Co-Founder of Tomorrow’s Air

Partners in Sustainability

The Adventure Travel Trade Association is proud to share our walk toward a more sustainable future with these Sustainable Partners.

Sustainable Providers

Discover a selection of companies ready to assist members of the ATTA in the development and execution of sustainability initiatives.